About DJF Kitchens & Bedrooms

DJF Kitchens and Bedrooms are a family business which has been established for over 45 years. With the wealth of product knowledge gained over this time we can manufacture units to high quality and to suit the specification they are required for. We help and advise all our customers on a one to one basis from the initial contact with our clients we can design, develop and manufacture units to suit their requirements. The design and production techniques we use are the latest and most up to date on the market as we believe in using our vast experience together with new technology to continue to develop new and exciting products for our customers.
      With our kitchen and bedroom range offering hundreds of different types of doors, work surfaces, handles and appliances. We manufacture ourselves and can therefore develop units to suit the customer’s specific requirements from the sizes required to the hundreds of colour choices available to suit the customer’s tastes and needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the personal service which we offer to our customers.
   We have worked with many organisations over the years for which we have developed and manufactured units to suit there everyday needs and requirements. These range from NHS hospitals and healthcare centres, Hotels, education facilities and many more. Further information on these projects can be seen through out our web site.